Our Philosophy

Angas Prime is committed to product excellence, meeting the target rate of return and providing personal service. Angas Prime maintains rigorous lending and investment policies, while maintaining high standards of ethical behaviour and corporate governance.


Target Rate of Return

Angas Prime does not warrant delivering a fixed rate of return, however pays monthly income distributions based on a target rate of return. Angas maintains a Dedicated Reserve Account ("DRA") to support distributions. The DRA may also assist in meeting capital losses. The amount that is set aside in the DRA will fluctuate depending on a number of factors including the interest rate on loans, whether those loans are in default and Angas's ability to make full recovery of moneys due from borrowers. After the Target Rate has been distributed to investors and the management fee paid to Angas Securities, up to 4% of the interest collected from borrowers (if available) is directed to the DRA. Note the interest margin on the loan may mean less than 4% will be directed. If there are excess funds after 4% has been directed to the DRA, those excess funds will be paid to Angas as a Performance Fee. On 30 June each year, the balance (if any) in the Dedicated Reserve Account is paid to Angas.


How to Invest

Option 1

Download a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”). Once you are satisfied with the contents of the PDS, simply complete the application form and send it to us for processing.

Option 2

Call our investor service line on 1800 010 800 and request a copy of the PDS be sent to you.

Once we have received your application form and identification requirements, your investment funds can be simply be deposited via EFT or cheque.


Additional Investments

Investors can add to their exisiting investments in Angas Prime via BPAY®, EFT or cheque.

A minimum additional investment amount of $1,000 (and in multiples of $1,000 thereafter) applies. Any additional funds will be added to the existing investment up to 90 days from the maturity date of the initial investment. The additional funds invested in Angas Prime will attract the same Target Rate as the existing investment to which the funds are added.


Term of Investment

Investors will ordinarily be given the opportunity to withdraw their funds at the end of each 12 month period of investment. Given the nature of the Fund, liquidity is limited. The ability of Angas Prime to allow a withdrawal in full on the maturity date is based on the total amount of all withdrawals requested during each month compared to the total amount of cash held. Withdrawal requests may take up to 12 months to process.



No investment, mortgage or otherwise, is entirely risk free. Among other things, these risks include default by the borrower, changes in market interest rates generally, decline in the value of the security property, and valuation risk. These risks and Angas Prime's risk management strategy are addressed in detail in the PDS.


Dispute Resolution

As part of its ongoing commitment to the development of enduring relationships with its investors, Angas Prime has developed a policy for addressing and resolving any complaints that may arise. Please refer to our Dispute Resolution Policy.