Who do we lend to?

Angas Prime specialises in first mortgage lending for any reasonable commercial purpose. Our loans are short term (normally up to 12 months). Loans from $300,000 will be considered although most loans will be in excess of $1 million. Loans may be rolled for a further term, subject to serviceability history, an updated valuation and approval by our Credit Committee.

All loans are interest only, payable monthly in advance. Prepaid interest will often be considered as an alternative to monthly serviceability. Angas Prime is not a 'tick the box' type lender, and will consider all circumstances fairly.

What type of security property will Angas Prime accept?

As an asset based lender, Angas Prime provides finance against prime commercial, residential or industrial real estate, which must be secured by a registered first mortgage. Leasehold properties will also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The security property must be located in Australia and is subject to an independent valuation report. The Loan to Valuation Ratio ("LVR") must not exceed 70% of the 'as is' value of the property.

Esther Yong

Esther Yong

Angas Prime Portfolio Manager

Commencing employment with Angas in April 2005, Esther Yong has provided excellent lending and credit management support.
Esther holds a Bachelor of Social Science honours degree (majoring in economics and statistics). In common with several of her Angas Prime colleagues, Esther’s prior career was with the ANZ Bank.

In her role as Angas Prime Portfolio Manager, Esther is responsible for making sure loan applications meet all required credit criteria and that all loan conditions have been fulfilled prior to settlement. She also deals with correspondence and data associated with the management of loans and prepares monthly reports and reconciliations on the lending portfolio.

Brian Doherty

Brian Doherty


Brian Doherty enjoyed a close association with Angas Prime prior to joining the team in June 2016. Working in private practice in accountancy as well as stock broking, Brian left Morgans Stock Brokers to join Angas Prime as Head of Fund Management. In July 2019, Brian was appointed to his current role as Chief Executive Officer, where he is responsible for all functions and operations of Angas Prime on a day-to-day basis.

Brian has a deep understanding of lending institutions and loan types within the commercial lending market as well as an understanding of financial statements, corporate entities, loan fundamentals (what influences interest rates, core lending products, risk management and loan features), credit assessment (including debt servicing ratio, loan to valuation ratio, risks and mitigation) and the loan process from application to settlement, servicing and repayment.

Brian is a member of the Credit Committee. The Credit Committee approves all loan investments made by Angas Prime, and has oversight of the conduct and performance of those investments until they are discharged. Brian is also a member of the Audit, Risk Management and Compliance Committee, as well as Angas Prime’s own Compliance Committee.